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Self assessment questionnaire based on Energy Institute’s high-level PSM framework, enhanced by the author’s 35 years experience of regulating operational excellence in major hazards.

The process safety audit tool has been created to enable a comprehensive review of process safety risk management in one or multiple facilities and to track improvements.

Based on over 35 years of experience of enhancing high hazard risk management and learning from the investigation of catastrophic incidents, the audit structure is based on a systematic profile flowing from hazard identification, through operational control, measuring performance to leadership and culture.

The audit is evidence-based, requiring compliance examples and supporting information of how criteria are met and promotes continuous improvement by capturing additional controls to further reduce risk.

The Team
Ian Travers
Process Safety Expert

Ian was the former Deputy Director UK Health and Safety Executive and has over thirty years’ experience in the investigation of major incidents and regulating chemical and major hazard industries. He is a world expert on process safety management, leadership, and key performance indicators. Ian holds the Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Franklin Medal for his outstanding contribution to Process Safety.

Abi Travers
Software Developer
and Product

Abi is a full stack software developer with past experience in growth marketing. Abi has past experience in both building new startups while working for BCG and in being an early stage employee at start-ups in Vietnam and Indonesia. She has worked in a full stack role for both large and small companies and has experience within the energy sector in the UK.

Tim Hall
Software Developer

Tim has over 5 years experience as a full stack software developer. He started his career in retail writing software programs which drastically improved efficiency of systems and saved significant amounts of money. He is a self taught developer and has experience working in hedge funds and startups in London.